Thursday, September 24, 2015

Assessing with the SOLO Taxonomy

Teachers have been sharing learning outcomes and success criteria with students using the SOLO Taxonomy.  This Structure of Observable Learning Outcomes allows the students to answer the three questions:
  • Where am I going with my learning?
  • How am I doing?
  • Where to next?
The taxonomy takes the students through a learning process that allows them to collect ideas before 'going deeper' by connecting ideas and processing them.  You can take a copy of your daughter's current unit of inquiry SOLO outcomes from the curriculum display next to the Cafeteria.
The SOLO Taxonomy level descriptors we are using with the students.
Grade 1's learning progression for their current unit of inquiry.

Grade 3 are inquiring into how exercise affects the human body.  The steps to success show the students what they can do to progress in their learning.

Our SOLO Taxonomy display will be updated regularly. You can take the copies of the outcomes home so that you're familiar with your daughter's learning progression - Where is she going in her learning?  How is she doing?  What are her next steps?

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