Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Units of Inquiry

All grades (1-6) are inquiring into How The World Works over the next five to six weeks.  During these units students will be developing their scientific inquiry skills and knowledge and will investigate how society uses scientific principles and understandings. Below are the learning outcomes for each of these units.  You can take your own copy of these documents from the SOLO Taxonomy display board next to the Cafeteria.  You can also access all the learning outcomes for the first semester (for all subject areas) by visiting our PYP curriculum page on Seisen's official website here.  Click on the images below to enlarge.
Grade 1: 
Sound and Light can be produced by different sources and can be changed
Grade 2:
Changes in the earth's physical features can impact the way people live their lives
Grade 3:
People apply their knowledge of forces and energy to create practical applications
Grade 4:
Scientific processes can be used to investigate how forms of energy are stored and transformed

Grade 5:
People use their knowledge of properties of matter to suit specific needs
Grade 6:
The design of buildings and structures is dependent upon environmental factors, human ingenuity and available materials

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