Sunday, November 15, 2015

Students Enjoy This Year's First House Lunch!

On Wednesday 11th November students came to school wearing their house shirts.  Rather than sitting to eat lunch with their grade levels, as usual, students sat with their house teams (Iwaki, Ontake, Asama, Chokai) to mix and talk with each other.  The Grade 4-6 students were also joined by High School and Middle School students and spent some time playing on the Jungle Gym and Tennis courts with each other.  We will be making this a regular event this year, hosting House Lunches on every second Wednesday of each month. The next one will be held on Wednesday 9th December.   Click on the images, below, to enlarge.
Iwaki enjoy their house lunch
Ontake students catching up over lunch 
Miss Jury eats lunch with Asama
Chokai students enjoying each other's company
Chokain and Iwaki playing together on the Jungle Gym
Ontake and Asama mixing together on the Tennis Courts


  1. Love the pictures and greetings for the blog. It's a great opportunity for them to keep studying in the best schools, looks amazing


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