Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Seisen Elementary Connects with St. Raphaela School, Naga City, The Philippines

Seisen International School elementary students wish our friends in our Seisen sister school, St. Raphaela's, Naga City, the Philippines a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. St. Raphaela's Elementary School is located about 270 km or a 12 hour bus ride from Manila. 400 students from kindergarten to grade 6 attend the school.

Both schools have much in common; students learn through English, love to play, to learn, to be with their friends. Students in both schools are hardworking and dream of a bright future.

We reach out to develop a spirit of collaboration, friendship and support between our two schools. In the spirit and words of St. Raphaela Maria we hope to be united like the fingers on a hand.

Thank you to Mize (Grade 6) and Mr. Towse for organising the Christmas message, below.  Why not sit back, play the video in full screen mode and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate!  Merry Christmas everybody!

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