Thursday, October 20, 2016

House Activities Developing Leadership and Friendships

These last two days have provided the Elementary students with plenty of opportunities to connect with students from other grades.  On Thursday afternoon the House Captains organised the first Elementary house event of the year.  Each house team met together to be introduced to their new House Captains and played a game of Pictionary and Charades before hanging out with each other on the Green Top and Jungle Gym.

Then on Friday came the big event as we hosted our third annual K-12 House Day.  Forty eight teams of mixed-age students enjoyed activities in school and at Kinuta Park.  We had students designing flags, building towers, competing in relay races and making paper cranes.  Once again, the whole school sat together in the sunshine and had lunch with each other.  Here are just a few snippets from the day, but be sure to check out Seisen's Social Media for more photographs, by clicking on the icons below.

The purpose of the K-12 House Day is to promote friendships across grades and develop team and school spirit.  It could not have gone ahead without the leadership skills of our fantastic House Captains from Elementary, Middle and High School as well as the other High School Team Leaders. We hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend after such a long, exhausting day! 

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