Friday, November 4, 2016

Japanese Culture Day in the Elementary - 文化の日 (Bunka no Hi) - November 3rd

November 3rd, the national holiday held annually to promote Japanese culture, the arts, academic effort and achievement saw Seisen's Japanese Language teachers lead a day filled with Japanese delights!

Our morning started off in the gym with grades 1-12 gathering to participate in a Japanese exercise program usually broadcast over the radio. Students from Nittaidai, Nippon Sports Science University located nearby at Komazawa, led Seisen through a series of moves to music. During an impromptu House competition to see which House could perform the best moves, Ontake students emerged as winners while Asama teachers secured a win for their House. We're awaiting however, a decision from our Grade 6 Captains to see if these wins count towards House points!

We were then treated to a wonderful display of Taiko drumming.

Other Elementary activities included: Kite making, a Koto performance, the Tea Ceremony (or as we learned more correctly called, 'The Way of Tea,') and a Kendo demonstration.

I think we can definitely say, we had a wonderful day!

As well as providing us with wonderful opportunities to enjoy the delights of our host country's culture, Japanese Culture Day also reflects the school's educational beliefs and values and the philosophy, standards and practices of the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Program (PYP).  It promotes the development of International-Mindedness and offers students opportunities to demonstrate and practice the attitudes and values explicit within the PYP: appreciation, cooperation, enthusiasm and respect. We also saw many instances of our Learner Profile evident in student interactions: open-mindedness, caring behaviours, reflective thinking and some great communication skills! Our grade 6s deserve special recognition and thanks for their leadership skills. They paid great care and attention to the younger students as they travelled from activity to activity. A day such as this enables us synthesis many of the essential elements of the PYP into action!

Congratulations to our Japanese Language Department and thank you for sharing the wealth of your home country's culture with us all! 

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  1. What a great day of culture, learning and togetherness. Well done to everybody involved in the organisation.


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