Saturday, January 28, 2017

Chinese New Year at Seisen!

What a treat the Elementary Students and teachers had during their lunch period on Friday when renowned musician Ms. Chen Min and mother of On in 2B visited with her students to play traditional Chinese Music to mark the beginning of the Chinese New Year!

Our Chinese mums collaborated with Ms. Ingrid Chen from our Media Centre to hang Chinese New Year decorations in the cafeteria and to organise a traditional Chinese game and New Year's sesame dumplings for the girls to experience and enjoy. A big thank you Ms. Chen and our Chinese mums!

Thank you to the staff from Cezars' Kitchen who arranged a special Chinese themed lunch for the day!

View a video of the performance  here

To view more from the day visit the news section of the Seisen website here

Chinese New Year celebrations at Seisen

Ms. Chen Min & her students 

Ms. Chen Min introduces her Erhu

Ms. Ingrid explains the origin and significance of the color red in Chinese culture

On introduces the pieces her mum and Grandfather (a musician and Chinese Opera singer) will play to the elementary students 

The Seisen sisters enjoying the music and New Year Dumplings

Ms. Chen Min, her students and our Chinese mums share some Chinese food

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